After trying a lot of different services, I have found that is the best time lapse photography site that I've tried. Not only does it have the best calculator that I have tried, but the guides, reviews and resources are written in such a compelling way that I visit the site all the time.

What are my favourite types of time lapse? here's just a few:

  • Star photography
  • Traffic and city
  • Hyperlapse (a Microsoft Technology)

If you are looking into getting started with this exciting hobby, then by all means give it a try, but remember that it's not cheap. The equipment you'll need for the perfect short, or at least half-decent shots, will likely cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Don't let that put you off theough. This is still an exciting hobby. If it genuinely is your passion, then it's well worth the investment because the camera and apparatus will last years if looked after properly.

Top Time lapse tips
Here's my top tips for getting great footage every time:
1. Use a decent tripod
This is number one as it is the most commonly overlooked, yet it's vital. There's no point in going to all the effort of putting time in and setting up, only to have blurred and shaky video due to a tripod which is too light.
2. Do post-processing
Post-processing involves using software to clean up and perfect video footage. It's amazing how much this can make a big difference!
3. Learn the exposure triangle
It's experience with normal photography and it's important with time lapse too. Make sure you're up to scratch with the exposure triangle as it is the difference with great and poor results.

Good luck, keep learning and we hope you enjoy your hobby!

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