Thousands of miles. Hundreds of rolls of film. A couple of cameras and One Photographer. Experience the evocative images and unfiltered truths that took a decade to complete. His journey is entertaining, educational, humorous, and above all inspirational.

This seminar is a Special Group Offering and is perfect for those business groups or retreats that are looking for a very special evening that you will not forget. Discover the America that you thought was forever lost….. it is still here waiting for you!

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Kevin Fleming is a Delaware native and has covered the world for National Geographic. He has won numerous awards and has just recently been recognized as America’s Best Observer. Kevin has published 15 photography books featuring his breathtaking images. His latest book is The Heart of America. This exceptional book was just recognized by Readers Digest in May 2005 as one of the 100 Best National Treasures in America today.

Join us for the trip across America with Kevin Fleming and view moments, light, people and landscapes, wildlife and lifestyles as never before. It will take you a lifetime to forget these compelling images and tribute to the American Spirit

Time: Scheduled 2 Hour Presentation

Suggested Maximum Number of Attendees: 30

Minimum Number of Attendees: 12

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