Dear Photography Enthusiast,

I have always loved the challenge and excitement of capturing the decisive moment. Whether it has been the rush of news photography or the struggle to catch the single moment when light, shape, and color combine to form an unforgettable image.

Throughout my career I have discovered the way ordinary sunlight, especially at dawn and dusk – brings it’s own special chemistry to every setting. Again and again, I used light as the verb in my photographs and allowed its color, strength, and intensity to reveal and illuminate my subjects. Without using filers or any artificial source of lighting, I focus on capturing the people as themselves and use the light to paint the landscapes.

My workshops are about you and how you can learn to chase and catch the light to enhance your images. Photography is a combination of the beauty that your eyes see and utilizing the proper techniques and process to capture that beauty.

As a photographer you are a storyteller and my workshops will help you understand how to uncover your unique eye and identify your subjects while maximizing the setting to capture that decisive moment when the story unfolds. Through our discussions and Field Work, I will challenge you to solve problems and embrace new concepts. I am very excited about including the very best images from the workshops on our Modern Masters of Photography web page.

The Modern Masters of Photography Workshops are held on Delaware’s magnificent seashore and coastline. Come explore beautiful sandy beaches, lighthouses, historic cities with charm, farmlands, dirt roads, and the lifestyles of those that live, work and visit our spectacular state. Spend time in our newly renovated studio where you will see first hand how we are bringing that New York Edge of evocative imagery and design to Delaware!

I look forward to sharing my vast experience and this memorable experience with you.

All the best,